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Why not try your own home water leak detection survey?

Water leaks very often don’t manifest themselves as big pools of water around the home. So how do you know if you have a water leak? The following quick guide will help you identify if you have a water leak and what system it is likely on.

Mains water leak:

First off – identify the different components.

If you have a meter installed this should be located outside your premises, usually on the footpath. These can be marked with a number of different covers, consult your local council for more information. Check the meter to see if it is running. A small dial will usually be spinning just below the numbered section.

Now locate the stop cock inside your house. These are generally a tap type valve connection normally located under the kitchen sink. Turn off this valve and check to see if you have stopped the cold water from running at the kitchen sink. If you have stopped the kitchen sink tap working you can now check your meter.

If the meter is still running, then you most probably have a water leak between the meter and the stop cock.

Hot or cold water leak:

Check to see if the large tank in the attic is constantly filling. This will usually indicate a cold or hot water leak.

Heating system water leak:

On a “closed system” pressure will drop. This means that you will periodically have to go to the filling loop and top up the water pressure.

On an “open system” the small tank usually located in the attic will also be constantly filling.

If you confirm any of the above is occurring it may be worth your while calling a leak detection professional to identify the cause of the water leak.

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