Industrial. Water Leak Detection


Special Offer for Industrial Water Leak Detection €280 + Vat @ 13.5%

Services we provide to  industrial Clients include

Auditing : We will carry out an initial inspection to ascertain if there is a water leak and also your current usage and historical usage to establish the level of wastage, quantifying same and calculating potential savings

Water Leak Detection Surveying : Survey of site to establish location of any water leaks or areas of water wastage. Industrial surveying to detect water leaks on mains, process systems, hot or cold water systems within a premises, council mains, heating system, gas line, air line, fuel line

Pipe and Cable Tracing : Locating underground pipework and cables prior to excavation, or to update or qualify existing drawings

Fire Hydrant Testing : Checking Fire Hydrants to establish pressure and maximum flow rates

Repairs : Full range of repair equipment in stock to cater for any eventuality or ongoing maintenance

Consultancy : Full consultancy service available

Thermal Imaging : For difficult to find leaks on heating systems, or to identify areas of heat loss to improve efficiency

Equipment : Leak noise correlator, electronic listening acoustic probe, ground microphone, data loggers, thermal imaging equipment, ultrasonic flow meters

Water Saving Technology : Using the latest in state of the art technological advances to improve water conservation and maximise efficiency of delivery within your network

Full Plumbing and Hydraulic Service : Repairs, new installations, upgrades, maintenance, etc

Mechanical Services : Repairs to control equipment, pumps, motors, boilers etc

Electrical / Electronic Services : Repairs to control equipment, printed circuit board repair ( analogue and digital ), component repair, pumps, motors etc

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