Public Sector


Services we provide to Public Sector Clients include:

Auditing : We will carry out an initial inspection to ascertain your current usage and historical usage to establish the level of wastage, quantifying same and calculating potential savings.

Repairs : Full range of repair equipment in stock to cater for any eventuality or ongoing maintenance.

Thermal Imaging : For difficult to find leaks on heating systems, or to identify areas of heat loss to improve efficiency.

Equipment : Leak noise correlator, electronic listening acoustic probe, ground microphone, data loggers, thermal imaging equipment, ultrasonic flow meters

Water Saving Technology : Using the latest in state of the art technological advances to improve water conservation and maximise efficiency of delivery within your network

Full Plumbing and Hydraulic Service : Repairs, new installations, upgrades, maintenance, etc.

Mechanical Services : Repairs to control equipment, pumps, motors, boilers etc

Electrical / Electronic Services : Repairs to control equipment, printed circuit board repair ( analogue and digital ), component repair, pumps, motors etc

Insurance -: EireWater has extensive relationships with most Irish Insurance Companies and Loss Assessors to ensure that things run smoothly  when it comes to insurance claims.


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